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Sunday, August 20, 2006

spelling square grids..

today.. there is a serious amount of procrastination going on.. and why don't they have spell checks on these things.. shouldn't that be a law.. does MySpace really want us to expose ourselves to that degree..

so spelling isn't my thing - yours?

i remember being in gradeschool & the little sheets of graph paper being taped to the blue closet doors. i never opened those doors, too many overheard stories being shared between the teacher and the assistant. something about strange little bugs living inside, ones that would just jump from one jacket to the next. it seemed like they never went away. one kid, then another kid, out for days. i remember being so "bugged out" (hee! no pun intended), i never wore a coat or carried a backpack, even on the coldest days.

so, sitting in my school desk, i'd look at all the graph papers, lined up, each with a perfectly printed name on the top.. would you agree elementary school teachers seem to be exceptional with handwriting. there were lots of kids that had 20 out of 20 filled out, week after week . each week adding a solid line, further forming a rectangular box.. 20 spelling words, 20 correct spellings. 20 little squares all colored in..

mine.. not so much.

before i really got the fact that my cool little staggered lines actually meant that sometimes i got 5 wrong, sometimes 7 - i actually thought my paper looked cooler. i thought, perfect little rectangles made from perfect little 20 square lines, were a little - eh.. boring. same thing when i brought my 1st grade report card home at the end of the year. all A's? are you kidding me? where's the variety? i could fall asleep.

i suppose i hit the height of my excitement when i got the range in 8th grade. sing with me, A . B . C . D ...

i had just switched school systems & i'll never forget thinking (yeah, i know) how relieved i was to have an 80 in the slot for Ms Lee's math class. my actual initial reaction was relief. so i recieved my report card just as the bell rang to switch classes, i took a cleansing breath thinking, "man, am i lucky - i thought i did horrible in this class - sure am glad this class grades on the 10 point scale!! i got a rockin' B!" (hee!). and this was 8th grade, isn't that the point where we feel we are equal to our parents & graduating seniors. then, as my mom counted out my variety - she was most disappointed with my math grade.. i was a little confused.. it took me a minute to remember, 80 in 'key to success' world, actually meant a D.

so.. that's the randomly related rehashes of the day.. yours?