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Monday, November 1, 2010

I say Compassion ↔↕↔ You say ...

I say Compassion

You say ...



Consider Your Response


consider/identify your response/thoughts to the word compassion.

You may choose to respond by describing your thoughts in a single word:  similar to the game we would play as childrenI say red, you say .. blue? I say compassion, you say ??

You may choose to respond by providing a picture: “When i think of Compassion I picture my mother putting a band-aid on my skinned up knee.” 

You may choose to describe a sound:Compassion makes me think of someone offering these words - You are not alone."

You may choose to describe an action: "I have compassion when i remember to say please and thank you."

How you choose to respond is as unique as you, meaning ~ anything that comes to your mind is wanted for wisdom.   In fact, ☼ please gift this project with your written response.  Click "post a comment" below  (Thanks so much!!)

Lord ~ Please allow my request to be clear, that each person who happens across this place in the project feel part of the project - prompted to be as authentic and spontaneous as possible.  Looking for Your Wisdom thru others Lord..  Amen.


Laura said...

Compassion is feeling for a friend who heart is broken just a little bit. Compassion is telling someone how much you really do care and listening when no one else does. Compassion is recognizing.

jenni said...

what a perfect way to describe compassion ~ recognition. see, i hadn't thought of it that way, i will have to hold fast to my inspiration for next Monday!! you rock Laura!!

side note: my heart ~ how honored that it was our friendship that yielded the first fruits (smile).

Jackie said...

Compassion makes my heart soar, makes me feel the breath of God is near whispering some wisdom yet unheard. It is action toward ourselves and toward others; that acceptance, that Godly love undeserving and yet given freely. It is the glue that holds families and friends together. It a healing acceptance, it is a healing love. It is a deep understanding of another persons' pain. It is acceptance of oneself and acceptance of others without comparisons and judgments. It is that which we are given that we must also give in abundance. It is what we ourselves yearn to have when we are uncertain. It is what the world can not do without lest it cease to exist.

jenni said...

i'm challenging myself to comment on every one of my comments just so each with know how thankful i am for their thoughts.

reading your post again - wow! really great, very well written - concise. i imagine you to be a very compassionate person ~

Thanks Jackie!