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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Video: knots to nice ~ visual

i am stepping out of my comfort zone certainly by posting a video entry ~ but.. i'm visual & i am sure others are too.

by pressing play you'll see the verbal & visual representation of 11-08-10's from knots to nice.  i literally begin by reading my blog entry, but mid-way through I switch gears and add a little behind the scenes???  in fact, i think it is funny that the nostalgic science fair 'pops' up, no pun intended (you'll have to watch to see what i mean - hee! @ 2:45 if you can't wait and want to jump - fast forward)

whatever it is, it is my debut ~ :)

you'll have an opportunity to watch me be me :)


Lord - if not for the digit pointing toward CC2010 in the end, and my - wait! what! crap! its CC2011, i would likely procrastinate on my posting.  when would i ever randomly pick up my paper and have it placed before the lens in a more perfect way?  i am releasing my quest for perfection & opting for progress, simply moving ahead.  Thank You for being with me, for my wonder and discontent.  


Miranda said...

Hey Lady! Way to go with the vlog! You are brave and vlogging is truly vulnerable. I'm proud of you! It was great and you sounded {and looked} awesome.

I think starting a blog and finding a faithful following takes time so don't beat yourself up or interpret the silence as dislike. Followers who comment and give feedback may be few but I have learned so many people read my blog that never take the time or feel vulnerable enough to comment. I am continually amazed to find out some one reads my blog, and I had no idea they even knew I had one.

Keep with it and do it for yourself first. I promise that with time you will reach people.

I think you're awesome, even though that doesn't make you anymore awesome than you already are! HA!!

jenni said...

that's great Miranda :) the awesome part.

i'm almost embarrassed that i took such a down hill turn - but the process demands honesty & honestly that is where i was that night :)

thanks for the encouragement!!

and your right - i have read so many of your entries & i bet have never left a response ~

and.. your awesome even without me saying it ~ hee! j

Laura said...

Jenni - your video was awsome! I often wondered how people could be so natural on camera and there you were. :) You are so well spoken and I loved the segment on the science fair. I'll have to tell you my science fair story some day. Love ya.

Jackie said...

Hey Jenni, It's Jackie:-) You are awesome. Your presentation was wonderful. You are such a wonderful spirit and I just absolutely, positively love you with all my heart! Keep up the great work and feel free to email me reminders to watch/read...you know how my brain is right now:-)

jenni said...

thank you Friends!!

jenni said...

so.. having done 2 Vlog's sense ~ yeah - this one came out amazingly well.. it was my first take & i do feel like i am so relaxed ~ really talking to the world out there..

send good & calming thoughts my way :) because it hasn't been the same since!! ha!

Thanks again Ladies!!