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Thursday, August 16, 2007

walking still..

Thursday, August 16, 2007
walking still..
Category: Blogging
the coolest little thing, or should i say things.
i wrote that blog after returning from ky school & that day i ran into multiple affirmations - saying - keep going.
i go to work & Roni tells me she wasn't sure in september when she started her RCIA (is that right - what does that mean? i'm not sure, but i'm sure at some point i will figure it out), that it wasn't until december she really felt good, that things seemed to open up.
then i go to $1 Baskin Robin Scoop that Tuesday night & Sarah is there with her family.. this is the same sarah (who isn't on myspace yet) that i called a couple of months ago on this catholic topic - we were pretty close in our tweens, but closer in our late teens, early twenties & still manage to run into each other. she works at UofL with their Catholic Student Ministries. i tell her my angst & again, she was like - no, that shouldn't happen. lots of families are split & kids can't make it every sunday & that's ok. that it shouldn't effect anything. we then talked about some fundamental type stuff, and i could relate - because fundamental protestant type stuff isn't something i get with either.
then - Sarah {lots o' Sara(h)'s & alli(can)(son)'s in my life}- my colorado friend - reply's with another affirmation..
then! this past monday i walk into Inquiry, wanted to tell them why i didn't come, but decided not too & who slips in, but Margaret. Margaret? yeah - the lady who leads children ministries at st james & i got to share with her & she set me strait, that they are not ritualistic - my daughter won't be behind, that have her come when she can come.
it was the neatest thing. plus! the priest from St. John has come to St. James Parish to retire & he is wanting to devote his time to our RCIA classes. how blessed. i felt tears swell in my eyes. maybe that's weird, but i could just feel God loving me all over.
so.. that is that. i am continuing in my journey.
interesting stuff, that God would be moving me to Catholic Practice. why when i've been so happy at my community church? only God knows & i can be still with that~

i ended up dropping out of Catholic classes.  the sponsor situation got a little sketchy & it just seemed to be the right choice.  i feel so blessed today - however - that i had the experience.  i have great respect for the Catholic community .. not a minute do a regret in its study. jp-m 5.10.10