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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Elizabeth Gilbert: Nurturing Creativity


Wednesday Wow! 
It couldn't be said any better!!

I am so amazed at people and how they are able to talk and be coherent at the same time :)

If you don't recognize Elizabeth Gilbert's name, then you will recognize her book that has been made into a movie ~ Eat, Pray, Love.

I haven't actually seen it.. i know - ridiculous, but i haven't really watched  a lot of movies.  i am hoping there will be time ~ at least for this movie.  i heard that Julia Roberts actually gained a few pounds from eating the pasta.  yum!  i love pasta..

confession:  i am avoiding my mood right now.. i am depleted and sad.  i have been taking a j-term and have barely caught my breath.  the class is 'violent and dysfunctional familes' ... i am exhausted because this is the sort of writing that I am doing right now...

"The symbolic erasure of women’s identities, the limiting of women’s personal development, and the degradation ceremonies rural battered women endure (Websdale, 1998, p. 18)” reminds me of breaking the spirit of a person. . . ."

Breaking the spirit, breaking what is unique and wondrous about a person; the simplicity of decision, the complexity of cause ~ oh, how my heart breaks.

When I read the passages surrounding this concept, I found vocabulary and direction of study. At this point what it means to me is that the woman is no longer her own. She is within his shadow, faceless. This picture isn’t immediate, but a systematic break down of the very ties holding her to herself. Like it states, “Self-identity is built, checked, and transformed on an ongoing basis through social interaction (Websdale, 1998, p.17).” If the abusive male is her only reflection, how then does she grow? She grows into what he wants her to know about herself, and to ensure her staying he keeps her under his boot, like dirt. Likely she is developing, but developing in a way that protects her. Her defense mechanisms are on overdrive and she becomes different than what she was before, forever shaped by the abuse. In fact, should she escape I believe she will literally need to be put back together, her resilience will be a factor in whether she will build stronger like a bone that has broken or more fractured like glass.

Certainly a deep subject for me.. I’m almost tearful.

not the creative writing that Elizabeth is talking about .. i am scared of this year.  in every spare minute i am reading on compassion and resilience.  there is so much!! and i'm not sure what to do with it all..  like Elizabeth says (and I really, really encourage you to watch this video) ~ i must simply show up and do my part of the job.

love to all ~ sweet dreams :)


Tina said...

oh jenni, that's a great one. i play it once in a while. i wanted to share a link with you that i thought you might dig, another mom blogger; this particular post was linked on fb by another friend. thought you'd like. http://momonawire.blogsome.com/2011/01/18/all-around-us-all-the-time/

jenni said...

a cool new link :) thanks ~

M Carrasco said...

You mean there are such things as functional families?

jenni said...

i know ~ right :)

i think i am in the middle of dealing with all this added information on compassion & then smack - day after day - battered women and all the corruption surrounding the rural isolated areas. Thank You Nick Websdale for doing your ethnography ~ you definitely got your point across!!

unfortunately i have felt myself getting more and more hopeless the more and more i read.. likely need to ease up on the empathy ~ ha!

thanks M!