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Saturday, March 15, 2008

time is passing..

the days, can you believe the days and how they pass.

no wonder we don't as a society take time to restore. one needs preparation to restore and where is the time for preparation. and what the heck are we preparing for? right?

hum.. great question. i love these blogging things ~ especially knowing that i am basically talking to myself because i don't think .. even if i stuck my finding compassion and the word blog i would come up on the search engine results. ha! i just said search engine.

well. i think i am after something. that's clear - right? i am after the preparation for restoration. if i can manage a mini plan for myself - activate myself, then maybe i can offer others a ride ~

i purchased The Woman's Retreat Book, by Jennifer Louden. it looks like what i am looking for to continue past where i have started. i like that she is giving in her introduction. that she has offered a reference to develop, help the bigger picture grow in each of her reader's minds. that she gives permission to change, add, combine is great! good woman Jennifer!!


i suppose that is it. in the event anyone is reading ~ i'd like to purpose the challenge -what is your out of the gate, from the hip, responses to the word.. self

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

rossana miliani .. missing

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

i really don’t know what to say ~ other than.. its one of those unthinkable moments when you are trying to locate someone using the web, thinking how cool it would be to come across this person again & results come up..

i wasn’t even thinking when i clicked the link i would see her face.

she was my first year roommate at campbellsville.

i am in disbelief