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Monday, September 17, 2007

mommy, what does awesome mean?

Monday, September 17, 2007
mommy, what does awesome mean?
"mommy, am I doing good?"
"yes sweetie, you are doing awesome!"
"mommy, what is awesome?"
"super great, wonderful"
"mommy, can i come in here & get dressed"
"sure, i don't mind"
"what does i don't mind mean?"
"no problem, i think you coming in is fine"
how patient we must be with our little children. she is a month & half shy of five & how many times have i told her she was awesome? that she didn't know what awesome was is a little striking, how then did she know how great i thought she was doing.
goes to show me how i need to make sure when i compliment her, encourage her - that i ask & make sure she is understanding my words.
she has gotten on this kick of thinking she is a "cry baby," where it comes from i'm not sure. its odd though when it comes out, like she will sit with this self'defeating look on her face & she calls this name out to herself. i work to figure out who has said it, i work to remove it - labels!
my top focus as her mother is for her to see herself as a wondrous creation, and seeing others in that way too.
how careful we must be with our words, that this name she has clung too might affect later processings about herself.
i say sweetie - you are so sensitive & beautiful, crying helps all the sad feelings come out. i'm glad you are so good at letting those feeling go. if we don't get rid of the sad ones, we won't have room for the happy ones.
raising self confident kids in this world is a total commitment job ~ be mindful & smile huge at the kids you come into contact with today & tomorrow, they need it!