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Monday, March 21, 2011

cc2011:12 Brene Brown ~ need i say more ~

"the fear of disconnection ~ is there something about me . . . that if another person knows it or sees it . . . that i won't be worthy of connection" - brene brown

i'm not cheating ~ i am forming my words that will be expressed in last Monday's empty post.

when there are no words ~ there is life . . . looking forward to sharing my reflection.

Monday, March 7, 2011

cc2011:10 Making Space

i now have a blue room :)

yep - a small little room in the corner of the house just for me and my creative ways . . . so excited.  it has been many, many years in the making ~ literally.  such a little squirrel i am . . . gathering & storing for fest and survival.

i shook my head the other day listening to one of my professors.  how profound.  he said in his day he would go snow skiing quite a bit & often times the buddies he would ski with would complain when their equipment broke.  yes ~ and . . . then he said, "what's the alternative"

uh-oh, was he talking to me & my craft hording ways . . . if the shoe fits ~ wear it, or at least slip it on to determine whether or not to purchase . . .

how i love this quote:

Do I bite into something, chew it up thoroughly, spit out what I don't like, and assimilate what I find nourishing and healthy, or do I "swallow hole" what others have told me ~ whether i like it or not? - courtesy of Instinctive Health Parenting 4U's Blog

so... i think to myself ~ in a million years as i shake my head does the professor have a clue i am thinking of how i tip'toe around my paper, stickers, and stamps.  i think sometimes i have picked things up because i truly fell in love with the design or an idea.  the moment the sticker is out of the bag and onto the paper the sternness of reality sets in.  no more dreams for that piece of paper ~ destiny has spoke.

the alternative . . . is replacing pressure with pleasure.  the pleasure of creating from what is before me - focusing in fact, on what it is that i have rather what i am missing. 

i think i discovered in this last week something about myself.  i buy books because i love them - yes, but because i feel insufficient without them.  i am a knowledge collector ~ i have difficulty claiming my own thoughts, i'd rather rest in others.  perhaps my feelings are still too tender and when people disagree with a technique i place the disagreement on someone else's shoulder.

i don't know.  i think i want to make a little here and now space for myself.  i want to claim what i am feeling ~ thinking ~ now.  so when i'm in my blue room . . . i act on inspiration and not fret over the many, many ways the project could go differently.

i barely made it through the first few blogs of this year because i couldn't manage to feel good about what it was - that this blog was about ~ thank you Birdie . . . this blog is about me - ever changing, growing me.  what would be the alternative.  that i remain the same?  no thank you.

so feel free to make space for your current self . . .

speak freely and open-heartedly ~ experience all that this day and every day after is meant to provide.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CCARE: Stanford's Compassion Project

Wednesday Wow!

It couldn't be better said!!

i decided at the end of January ~ that March would be a month I would send out Marketing Packs ~ in fact.. if it makes sense ~ i actually created this post back when & scheduled it for today :)

i know, all the planning & preparation..

i thought it would be neat to widen out the community .. i would love for you to Pass this Project along ~

it is exciting!! the way Compassion is being studied.. i pulled this video for YouTube and saw the date was in '08!!  did a quick search & the project is still going strong ~ so guess what :)  small little blog project ~ stepping over fear ~ is traveling!! 

i can't say this enough ~ i had no idea Compassion was really this big!!