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Friday, November 9, 2007

yeah - i'm blogging

ahh.. ok. hum. what should i say? anything!! i can say whatever i want and my job is to still love myself & to challenge you to love me too as i love you. say it fast 3 times. hee!

mainly i'm tired today - since yesterday - due to the ole' thyroid issue. yep. i tried to self medicate because it seemed Oprah said something about getting her thyroid figured out. i mean i'm eating right & i exercise occasionally & i lost 5 lbs. time to come off the meds - right? no. i am back to before and not wanting to get up out of bed though i head to bed at 9p. maintaining weight, when i should be losing - i'm following the 'points.' so, a little snippy, and i just can't handle my chaotic job anymore. other than that i'm fine.

right? isn't that what we say? hey -

i look forward to being better.