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Sunday, October 24, 2010

just trying the video out...

i love this little video.  up until this point i hadn't really thought about how a starfish moves, that a starfish moved.  that's silly i know ~ but it is amazing all the little steps we must take to really move forward any great distance :)


ps.  How fun is this??  Thank You Lord for Your gifts ~

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Coming Soon!!

It is truly amazing how quickly time passes.  How much we miss by neglecting to document our thoughts and our development.

I am almost rethinking, for simple fear, my "coming soon."  i jumped on this morning in vigor, and just in this moment i am rethinking.. here is where i take the leap - this is where i take dreaming to doing ~ and in this ~ action to my faith.  faith is a verb.

i remember the moment i was exposed and educated, my life has never been the same.  i went from feeling lost in God's Will to part of His Will.  in application: instead of my response being stagnancy and reactivity to "i have faith that God is going to get me through this" ~ i actively seek and go beyond the point in which i announced the event.  if i claim God is working in my life and i have "faith" in what the results will be - I must discern from where do I leap - all the while ~  key word being leap.

i'm not sure where my announcement will take this community.  in fact - what community?  i literally get on this blog-site and write to an audience of  two (me & my Lord).

when i say - this process will be a test of my faith - it is a test of my steadfastness, continuing past the results i am seeing.  more clear - if there are no results, meaning no community is formed in 2011.  will i still be faithful to the commitment i feel my inner-spirit is prompting me to make?

at what point would it be acceptable for me to decide blogging and creating challenges once a week is without effect.  how do we know the effect of our action .. it is God's Alpha & Omega that i must cling too.  Meaning - if no one else finds and commits to one or more challenges, i'll be challenging me because it is about my commitment to this process.  i will be faithful.

when i dream of a tree, it is my faith that pursues the seed, and then the planting and the watering.

when i dream of a community of people seeking authenticity and compassion, it is my faith that pursues this challenge, and then the writing and perseverance.

That said ~ announcing (to myself and the community to come)
52 Monday's of: 
Compassion Challenge 2011

As written in a previous blog entry, it will be the intention of this challenge to spur on personal identity development.  If I can know myself better I can then be better to others, and being better to others builds a better community ~  Amen?

Lord God - in the silence i felt my heart jump and carried by the racing of my thoughts, guard me from my blindness.  i am stepping into fear and vulnerability, a place i will come to know You more.  it is in You that i will hide, for in my flailings there is something You can create for Your Good ~ all my heart, j.