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Friday, January 28, 2011

Vlog 4/52: Building this Blog Project

here i am again ...

Looking forward to all the mini-goals that will be set & all that will be learned in the mist of start & stops ~

What do you think this Blog should be about ~ What would be beneficial to you?

Be sure to leave your Compassionate Comments ♥


Miranda said...

I thought of you and this bloggy thing you've started today as I was reading. I've been reading the book Raising Kids With Character That Last by John and Susan Yates. There is a chapter on compassion and it was really great, well the whole book is very good. I'm getting more out of it for myself than for my kids, which is the whole point because our character is what our children see most clearly and learn from.
Anyway, I say do what you want with your blog space. It's yours!
Hope you have a great weekend.

jenni said...

neat!! thanks for the book referral ~ found it on half.com ~ can't wait to read though it :)

and .. i will try and figure out my blog space ~ because you are right, it is mine ♥