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Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday, February 08, 2008

i'm not sure if i can be any more profound; however, i am a little surprised how life is turning out.

i have said this ~ but certainly, Scott has added a reflection that helps me to know myself & see myself better.

i think i sat in this crying mess trying to believe God, that He had been present thru it all, all. every word, every mistake, every heart break ~ words don't honor the insatiable darkness that has eaten away at my worth for longer than i can remember. it is this season that i am starting to "lighten up." to really see what is good about me & not what has always been a bigger mistake.

our personal meditation is so ~ all over everything we do. if God is the the past, present and future... then in this moment as i experience grace and love ~ have i & will i always be in the middle of acceptance.

accepting self ~ channeling our best forward is really amazing. it makes the day an opportunity to be worth something to someone, if not myself.

so i encourage each of you who drop by and read this little blog ~ be kind to yourself today, accept yourself today ~ walk yourself beyond old hurtful thoughts to finding compassion in yourself & others.

be Blessed in Love & Grace ~


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