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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Managing My Angel

i thought i might show a pic that de'pic'ted how i feel some of the time... its the trying to raise an upright young lady growing to a woman of integrity pic (hee!)

i know i look a little nuts, but i feel a little nuts sometimes. partly the reason i calmly tell my daughter (dtr) to.. "step away, mommy needs some quiet time or she is going to blow." it's important to be honest how one is feeling after dropping a 'peanut butter smeared piece of bread' on my pants 5 minutes before walking out the door, on a monday (of course).

i remember back in the day, asking an acquaintance how she was doing with her new baby (when i had a new baby) & she always said, "great." i remember thinking, "really, cause i am exhausted and don't venture outside much because i don't know what i am doing~"
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1 comment:

Miranda said...

Ha! This made me laugh!! Know exactly what you mean.