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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

First Day of the New Year

ok. so i made a commitment to get started. here i am - available - what's next? i don't know.

sounds like a brilliant leader, huh? no. not really. i just had my eyes and heart really opened last Good Friday & everything began to take on different shades.

never really considered the question, 'are you saved' as being an "in or out" sort of thing. that by asking i was doing more harm than good.

that's it. so i've been festering this last almost year now, getting more and more wiggly in my seat, skipping church - taking Catholic classes, reading books.. and now - since i've decided to take the semester off from school, i have this bubbling, boiling up and over - screaming sort of feeling inside. i know nothing else but to seek God... who else is big enough, who else will wipe the hair whispers from my wet eyelashes.

i could do a bio (biography) of lots of people in the bible, check my facts and figures, but instead i'm seeking wisdom. seems a little out of my grasp, but i'm after it anyway.

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