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Monday, July 24, 2006


my heart pours out.. if you could only understand how much of a shell i have been. listen, this old life of mine, held numb in a tomb & that the only way to feel was somehow hurting myself.. just walking round and round the same walls, looking for what always did the trick... the same trick... over and over...

oh God - my heart, for You, so renewed .. i am actually feeling true discernment - oh my God - this is life and bliss.. confusion is giving way to truth & God this just makes me feel untouchable, removed and held by You.. create in me - who you would have me to be ..

and Lord, i so humbly ask for forgiveness. i modeled being bent & right now, i reach out for your mercy minute by minute. for this day & every day of my breath, then and coming...

Lord.. let me flee from the entrapment of memories, restore my heart, any heart that i have had part in breaking - oh God - take me from guilt and shame, let me hide in You..



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