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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Category: Blogging
again.. serious blogs.. good grief, like i'm that deep - hee!
i forgot the e'factor. i headed off to Ky School this past week for some really awesome education/training & i had some time to think.
i guess before i was kind of thinking i was in charge of my dtr's .. ok .. i think i thought - i'll brace her against the church that is solid in its tradition and rhythms.
one of the standards - or at least how i understand it - a good catholic attends mass weekly. i think its the same in any church, but the community i've been exposed to - the Bridge Community - really takes a person how they are. if they come once a month. good. 2 or 4 times a month. good. a person has every opportunity to feel good. a good thing.
it occurred to me over this past week - erick has mya every other week & has been wonderfully consistent. i can only expect his devotion will continue & so .. i look to the future & if daddy is sleeping in, or headed out to play sunday morning. how will mya feel when i say, "sorry, sweetie - you need to come home early from seeing your dad so you can attend church with me." "i know you only see him every other weekend & every friday afternoon, but you need to come to church".. i wonder over time - would mya start to resent church & not really enjoy being there - like she does now.
i kind of feel too - i am setting her up for failure - all the other catholic children will be there sunday's at 10a, learning their lessons, checking off each step & mya will be the one coming every other sunday. so. i am placing her in failure. i am putting her in a place she can't have success.
make sense.
so. yeah - i know the last blog i wrote - but that's why its a blog & not the New York Times.
i'm still open to God working in this Catholic thing.. i have actually learned a lot & have a lot of respect for their practice, when before i was .. lets just say - misinformed ..
all that to say - i'm walking - figuring things out - just wanted to share the latest.
hope things are good with you - send me an email sometime!! i have a computer at my house now. i'm starting school soon (i'm scared) - all over the web - so by need, i broke down & managed my budget to include internet services...
yeah me.

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