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Sunday, August 3, 2008

dripped with sweet butter

so. i've decided to rekindle the art of baking in my life. i'm starting (have been starting) with the basic loaves. i tried a french bread twice, the second time it resembled the consistency of a bagel.

good enough & i decided to try on

first i have looked over a couple of bread books this past week - one i got from my brother, his fundamentals of baking from cooking school & one from an antique store. it was kind of a peddler's market of dillies you might see having odd grouping of old items.. matured items i should say :)

anyway. i just pulled out my last batch of Breadsticks!! look at me - i did bread kind No. 2 ~ !~

so i was reading over these two books, trying to find a good -simple- yeast bread. i found myself committed to letting my bread rise til it doubled & not that time passed a certain mark. (did i mention my first bread turned out like an albino stone?)(that is actually a direct quote, i just won't claim who said it - not i) (fate would have it that: i kept it for a couple of days - then my daughter and i launched it off the deck for the birds !!)

i arranged my time so that i could be completely available to the proofing process. today - i am reading thru the ingredient list, measuring my "add-in's" - reading the next line & it states I am going to let the dough rest. rest, mold, rest - bake. i was ready & expecting a double punch - something tricky - something time consuming. i decided to be relieved & it turned out to be consuming anyway because i measured, cut, rolled, twisted, proofed, egg washed, cheesed & buttered. i dripped from my stainless steel spoon sweet unsalted butter. baked & got an digital read of its doneness - (i am a nerd, people have their garage tools - i have my kitchen tools!)

this just goes to show - read all the directions before beginning a bread - sometimes they come up and *!surprise!* hee! no since wasting good flour.

anyway. they turned out pretty good, so.. i might move to something different next. i think i am going to suffer a sponge. a sponge made from fermenting potatoes.


actually that sounds kind of gross ~ but we will see!!

love and grace -


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