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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ok.. Here we go..

Hello :)

I'm starting on this project.. really starting on this project.  I just looked over some previous blogs from a couple of years back and wow!! i have grown.

I see now ~ how necessary the journey really is ~ when I read some of my previous narratives I can feel how lost I felt, my true well of empathy.

Well.. I know it doesn't appear in this post but I actually just spent 3 hours putzn around this site to make it look at little more readable.

I am a great lover of all things written and created.  I have a really hard time parting with my books and magazines.  I keep my books, but mostly I save my magazines to use when I collage with my groups, but before they make it to that stack, they are in the stack by my bed, or my couch.  Randomly - today - I picked one up to dream a little on ideas for home and heart.  I got spurred by a short article out of Better Homes & Gardens (September 2009) featuring Women of Strength by Kathleen Parrish.  Alexandra Stoddard, designer says that she woke up at 5am to have time to write for 2 hours before waking the kids for school.  I probably won't write for 2 hours because I have to get ready for work myself, but I can certainly write for an hour.

I can make a place ~ a space for ideas and thoughts ~

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