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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mission Statment


Guided Retreats is committed to helping individuals develop a more authentic connection with self and others. Retreat activities created by staff and group wisdom will be intentionally focused towards personal identity development and receiving acceptance from others during that process. By living authentically we can find compassion for not only ourselves, but the people we encounter in our journey.


any thoughts?

i did some research on Wikipedia regarding retreats (spiritual), and read a .pdf on how to write a mission statement and this is what i came up with.. i think this is what i want to say.  in the beginning it will just be two-hour gatherings here and there locally, but eventually someone or some group will get excited and actually provide an aesthetically beautiful place to experience a little r & r (retreat & restore) for themselves.

Thank you Lord for the capacity and desire you have given me.  My heart is open and ready to experience what it takes to encourage authentic community!! 

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