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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Category: Blogging

i've been divorced since 8/22/06 of this year. i've yet to get my named changed. i just don't feel like it. can it be that simple. i tell people & they always try and give me an excuse that makes sense, like - "well, i'm sure its hard to change your name when your dtr still has his name." no. because we weren't married when she was born and i didn't give her - her father's name.

i know - lots of views on that issue, but this was mine at the time.. if i know i am going to be the primary parent, meaning - i am the one taking her to doctors, having parent teacher conferences, so forth - then it would be nice that she and i could identify with one another by name.

another fairly clear point would be the fact - i am the oldest girl of 3 boys. all of us sharing the same last name. when all the boys marry - we will still all share the same name.. why then - would i have my dtr be the one child with a different surname.

i feel like i stayed during my pregnancy - i stayed when he didn't come home, when he took my car and drove drunk.

i did my part - i didn't just go back down south and give him open gates to denial. i allowed him to witness my dtr growing inside of me & the eventual birth. i allowed for him to participate as he would.

we tried the whole marriage thing - but.. alas, it just didn't work itself out.


that's that for today.

you know what is interesting.. you never have to dig for the past, because the past always comes up. i decided to get on this MySpace boat & i'm committed to blogging out my days. for whom - ? - you! you made it..

so awesome!!

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