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Friday, June 8, 2007

out of the gates..

Friday, June 08, 2007

out of the gates..

its a quick note - would love to hear a "shout out" from you. opps! a "shout out from you yo!"

How does a blog reader/writer spend his/her day?

so i'm out of sync. i've not been training, keeping up with the craft since collecting my minimal things and creating a special place for mya & i. out of the loop of reading yours & writing my emails, blogging - the basics in keeping up!

blogging is fun too. i actually have plans to tell you - or somehow hash out this love of my life. and really that sounds so shallow - how often that is said, and often love still breaks. perhaps he is the love that life has brought me.

in this last year - building out of calamity & failings - stillness. not just making mistakes, but learning from mistakes is a good way to end up ok in the end.

end? and those of you with me - some of us just beginning our thirties (give or take a decade) - is that not amazing.

how much life we have.

how much damage we could do if we press on to be our best - what, generation, shall we offer the next?

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