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Sunday, June 17, 2007

an incomplete thought... time for dinner

an incomplete thought... time for dinner
Category: Blogging

i was doodle'ing while sitting in the front row chairs this morning.. a little preoccupied with design as of late, but i think i caught a pretty deep thought.

first - the B.I.B.L.E is a rain forest - with grace falling all over us - and - who is us?

i get a little confused, like i want to be in the right .. the right hand of God. and that's lingo for Jesus. so i want to be in the light of Jesus - What! i want to be in the Grace that radiates off His Sacrifice. What! i want to be .. loved .. already forgiven for the stuff that i really didn't mean to screw up. forgiven by whom? well - someone who cares about me. someone who can tell me i am worth something, if not precious.

that's a jump for me. to be precious. this father's day stuff is getting to me this year for some reason. that i have a Daddy God that holds me in His big hands of time.

but you look at Jesus - if anyone has seen the Passion, heard of he Passion - there is this extended visual explanation of the execution process.. and His first words were..

Father forgive them, for they know not what they do -

like - maybe to be in the right hand - i need to extend my right hand - be less about this way, and allow God's way .. & I think - He says Love is the greatest commandment.

doesn't that speak to all of "us" - no matter our baggage, or beliefs ?

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