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Thursday, October 19, 2006

to an unknown..

further into isolation?

listen. you have stirred my heart to understand the . more . God desires for me. you. us. His children.

i sit and i am in awe of inspiration, how it comes like a breeze. these words.. these very words are my pursuit towards wholeness and health.

since beginning this journey many yesterdays ago & still i sit at the foot of this mountain to be moved – i would never have understood purity to be such free flowing love. that i would be so fulfilled in safety... that a heart guarded would be a heart growing.

created for intimacy. intimacy grows the woman – man –

intimacy exposes the small details of grace.

there is freedom – water & sky - knowing myself while knowing you.

i have been isolated, afraid of offering the simple parts; the parts of me that ring to sounds of boredom. i kneel & still my knees do not hurt – i find myself moving forward despite myself. the heart of God, the center spirit of me, is showing up in my everyday.

it is the connecting – the process – the discernment - it is beauty as God would have designed it. it is God's truth that gives us rest. scratch this culture's way of defining such delicacies of anything intimate. take your mind from physical touch, but plant your imagination in how your heart touches mine from a million centimeters away.

anticipate – see yourself in freedom - over and over again... intentional tip'toe'ings of foundation isn't to be feared, it is the fruit of friendship happening over and over. hear me. over and over.

face to face – sit with me – connect with me & coupling is somewhere far from here. grow with the trust we will not break one another, but spur each other in our faith..

that we grow to completion – that we give God more than what we started with, that we make good in His investment in us..

1 comment:

jenni said...

its funny. looking back. this was written on a birthday of an old relationship partner...

amazing God answers and provides for our future (smile)