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Saturday, June 12, 2010



i think these little posts are doing some good :)  i actually got into a conversation ~ described what i would like to do with different churches & i didn't fall over my words.  i felt like the person echoed my thoughts and there was an agreement or validation regarding the importance of authentic communication - connection within the church body.

rereading: it is easily said - of course authenticity is important, but i think it was more than that between the words.  i listened to her tell me of the amount of churches she visited before she found her home.  i wasn't aware that i was collecting data at the time; however, i feel like she was telling me she searched until she landed in her now church family ~ and in this family she feels supported and connected.  really what she said was "my husband wants to move to be closer to his family, but i want to stay - now that we have found this church i don't want to leave.  i just had my third child and my community group provided meals for two weeks.. two weeks!!"  "i can call when i need something and i don't feel like i shouldn't - i pick up the phone and dial."

there is something about the connection formed in the mist of need that bonds us  ~ encourages us to be present week after week. 

friendship is intentional.  so intentional i only have capacity for a few outside of my immediate family.

i have to admit - the honest difficulty i have with what to do with new connections.  not because of the initial experience, but the integrity of honoring what is new and forming.

something to be explored.

Lord - help this work to be lasting .. a place where the Spirit resides ~ a place that even the skeptic will be encouraged and challenged to be real and connected.

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