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Thursday, June 3, 2010

logistical dreaming..

i think sometimes i shouldn't be working on my projects in the wee-hours of the morning, because though it may look good at 130am, it might not look good at 130pm :)

Guided Retreats is a work in progress :)

i understand the website is pretty vague & my desire is for it to come alive so most will have a very clear idea of what my service is.

I have rushed so many things in my life & have learned a lot about small steps in the last few years.  From that I think I like the idea of initial contact being for the sake of curiosity.  Nothing committed, just curious.  I like getting real-mail & getting one of my information packets will be a version of that.  I don't think i will be overran by requests ~ so i think i will send something handmade (card/collage/something inspired ~ ) along with information.

Might be fun to get some postcards made up to send - something light on postage in case they are not sent back.  If the postcard comes back to me I could then send out some information for phone or ~ conversational contact ~ .. i thought about using a "conference call" number for this.. I'm all about privacy/self-protection & until I actually have a business line ~ i need another option besides my personal line.  In combination with that idea ~ it would be super simple for any of the individuals interested from the requesting organization or group to jump on the line as well..

from this point (and again - if there is interest) then a "focus meeting" can be scheduled.  my intention for a "focus meeting" is an intentional time period (no longer than an hour) to discuss the creative direction desired.  in effect ~ come into communion with the expectations of the guided workshop or retreat.  i will of course facilitate the conversation by asking some questions.  those questions will be provided prior to the meeting to ensure there has been some time to think over, pray over (however the organization would like to describe that time) the upcoming event...

i have lots more rolling around my mind ~ should have been posting along the way; however, sleep calls me most nights :)  i sit to read with my daughter - actually i sit to listen to my daughter read (yip-ee!!) & by the end I am so relaxed dreaming seems like the next logical step.

Lord - help me to be faithful to self preservation ~ specifically ~ help me to take my thyroid pill daily (which i haven't been able to do for the last 3 years), start taking vitamins & minerals (which i have never done), and exercise (which i have sporadically done since college swimming ended 15 years ago).  ahh.. i need energy & sleeping 10 hours a day isn't doing it :)

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