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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

standards ~ banners

when i am reading the Word - i have my filter set on how this would apply to an individual, to a small group, and then does this information cause that individual and/or group to bond more tightly with its church body.

the word body seemed the place to start, but then i came to verses telling me to cut my eye out should it not do right & i thought ~ as true as this may be ~ i am looking for inclusion not exclusion for this project.

i then took off after the word boundary & found some interesting reading on Eruv ~ the literal boundary that Jewish people will allow themselves to walk within during special times.  i think - why so necessary... what is this telling me..

without time for research i then bounce to the idea of standards - resting in the standard - right?  so i come across the idea of Banners mentioned in the Old Testament.  i think - i will do more with this concept.

what is my banner - how does my banner compare/contrast with those in the group, and finally how well does this match the banner of my church.

if the church is my leader, my guide ~ then how can i or the group adjust to its purpose.  keeping in mind of our filter.  it could be that i think a talent of creating forms doesn't fit - but it is most certainly part of my banner.  then i realize - with a form i can come to organize the group i am in, and by discerning the group that i am in - i can then organize energy towards purpose within my church..

just seeking - searching.

thank You Abba Father - that it is a willing heart, not always the knowing heart that can be of service.  i am willing to follow You Lord - i am seeking skills as a compass reader ~ let me discern in clarity the direction it points...

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