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Saturday, November 27, 2010

and the direction is set :)

not everyone in the world is blogging ~ i know this, but i had a conversation with someone this weekend (wink to you) that had happened across my blog that writes one of her own & i received some solid guidance.   we do nothing alone, i am reminded daily.

i feel so blessed - so thankful for thoughts and guidance.  i used to feel lost in life, as if i was in the blackness of night.  now ~ i am feeling a different sort of lost, more of a which way.  all ways lead to the next step, but what step is most suited to me and my circumstance now?

i am finding my blogging voice, and surely once it is found, i will then be after voice lessons (smile) ha!  for now i think i feel comfortable about the near future and what is waiting in 2011.  i never really wanted a heavy, deeply philosophical blog.  i can get there - but there is a lot of pressure, writing my thoughts and just letting it flow definitely sounds easier & much more readable.

most of the time when i do my pieces they start about 4 times the size that actually gets published.  condensed.  in our fast paced world - condensed is good, but i am thinking another way - quick and too the point.

if Finding Compassion was about snippets of my day - little aha's that occur along my way - then still we would be seeking ~ thinking ~ being more mindful about our experiences.  and this ~ definitely works for me.

thanks for the input, the feedback :)  my tight spot has certainly opened up ~


Anonymous said...

I love your thoughts... condensed and not...

jenni said...

ahh ~ how poetic & wonderfully encouraging :)

Thanks Anonymous!!