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Monday, November 22, 2010

small sanctuary

i've been blog hoping & have realized pictures are fun!  i'm not quite sure about rights yet, so until i have a little more time to research what i can and can't do - i'll be using what is around me.

i'd like for this little box to symbolize a way of making change.  a way to look at the process of making a commitment.  i've been so rash in my days ~ making huge steps and announcements all at once & then after the dust settles wondering where am i again?

we all have different gifts and it is personal responsibility that keeps the energy reserves ready.  in fact, i am deciding in the small of my heart what my desire for this blog will be ~ in this sanctuary i am going to find my footing.  and from that footing we will leap...

integrity is accomplished by intentional steps, so investigating the different directions is important.  i'm fairly sure i'll be exploring a different theme per month, but i'm not sure if i should be writing a series of letters, or creating assignments, or reflecting on readings i have found???

at any rate - i hope you enjoyed my little butterfly box.  i invite you to be considering change for yourself.  in some area of your life - start making some plans and experimenting with some small steps.

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I say Compassion ↔↕↔ You say ...


Lord - should i be on the rocks, let me find my placement.. help me out of this tight spot - i'm stuck and i have barely started.

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