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Monday, January 17, 2011

cc2011:3 Compassion in Time

Hello 3rd Monday!! I have had so many thoughts about this blog site.  I wonder if philosophical and educational talk might get a little much after a while. After all ~ isn’t compassion action :)

How about? Compassion Quotes - what they mean to us as individuals and/or community (this would require some participation on your part) (wink,wink ~ i know you are out there ~ the stats tell me so – hee!)

How about? Compassion for kids - specific conversations or actions we are experiencing with our children that leaves the legacy of compassion ~ feeling known, loved, and acceptable (smile).  have to admit, the legacy blog hit a sweet spot in me, i’m going to be chewing on that quite a while.. (in fact, stay tune for later this week – i have a compassion project i am attempting for my daughter that i will share once completed)

now ~ how compassion was shown to me, and how my life is different today; catching you up – last Monday i attempted to express a friendship, but specifically a conversation that really allowed me to feel connected despite my flaws.  when we allow ourselves to be on the receiving end of that ~ feeling known, worthy of friendship and worthy of change ~ life can really begin to shift.

next i’d like to share with you the Show Stopper (ha!) or so i believe it has been for me.  my history would wave huge flags of predicament, after predicament.  i went from one questionable wrong situation to another, and at the time no one could stop me from digging one hole after another.  flashback!  the without-control spots.

enter in >>> my rudder.  in the calm i had decided i had all the energy in the world just lack of direction, or should i say too many directions.  people say you are free to be anything you want to be ~ possibly, but really there are only so many “good matches..” to rephrase, you are free to be anything that honors your true self and only the gifts you can give :) yes, that would make us & our world a happier place.  ever noticed it isn’t hard to do what your good at??  even if it seems hard to everyone else?

my rudder, the love that life has brought me, has in effect – given me time, and in time i have also discovered my north.  he has taught me a very valuable lesson ~ no decision is a decision.

now – how on one blog entry – would i ever describe the degree in which this has shaped my entire life since.. really, i don’t feel that i’m over stepping.  for each of my days there is a decision to be made; in order to discern the decision we must allow for time to show us the truth.  i adhere to the statement Time is a Truth-Teller.  how else do we know to trust, if someone is trustworthy – really?  time.  time offers the evidence of actions and actions give away our values.

the fact i don’t have to make a decision right now means i can experience self-control.  in fact, if someone is pressing me for an answer i have come to embrace the word, No.  No gives me the option of later..  this topic is so huge to me.. look, we can be no better than standing still or taking small steps forward. 

people rush us into action everyday & everyday we are spinning our wheels and doing things that could be better accomplished by another.  consider the options we would have in our life if we weren’t so busy spinning...

ever played the Memory Matching Game?  we would never expect to pick up matches in our first pick.  at times we are surprised by what is flipped over, but mostly we find matches by watching others find what isn’t a match for them; thankfully the ‘bad match’ gets left on the board so i can pick it up next!! hee!  life is more serious than this, but it takes time, it takes time to win at Memory, and it takes time to win at Life (everyday, not the board game –hee!).

i’m going to leave things here.  there are so many thoughts and conversations that can develop from this place....

i had a conversation with someone reading this project & the perspective was different than what i thought i was presenting.. you know how awesome that was!!  that despite me! this person gained insight.

this is the insight i am seeking for this project – this is wisdom!!

Please Leave A Compassionate Comment Below ~ simply tell me What you received from the reading today (smile)

Thank You!! Thank You!! 

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