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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Karen Armstrong: Charter for Compassion

As you know - I am not the authority on Compassion; however, there are others who are. As I am doing my own research on the topic I will come across things that are best said by these very same others.

One amazing person I just listened to for 20 minutes is Karen Armstrong. Amazing, Amazing - a true Authority! Listening to Karen I felt like a preschooler on the mat, listening in wonderment;  almost silly thinking of how i reduced Compassion to a simple turning of a makeshift happy/sad face.  but ~ this is where we start.

If you have time & a quiet space (because what she talks about is profound and unexpected), please click the link: Karen Armstrong/Charter for Compassion ~ hope it works for you!!  Otherwise, feel free to copy/paste the following: http://www.ted.com/talks/view/id/234

These are the quotes that stood out to me:

"Religion is about behaving differently"

Compassion is closely linked with the "The Golden Rule"

"We must not leave an interpretation of scripture until we have found a compassionate interpretation of it."

"Scripture must be governed by the principal of charity."


"We do not confine Compassion to our own group."

ps.  I had no idea when I thought of this project ~ Compassion had so much to do with the World Religions . . . (ha!  aren't you glad I'm the fearless leader)

no telling - really - where the year will take us!!  i am truly excited :)

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