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Monday, January 31, 2011

cc2011:5 Compassion Felt *Small Choices*

this is the big week that i am not only traveling for my education, but acting it out as well ~ beginning my practicum!!

encouraging news - at the end of this year i will have my LMFTa (provided the classes fall in line) (send good thoughts out for me).  What is so exciting about the "a" part is I am billable (a.k.a self-sustaining) provided I have a LMFT supervisor ~which i have~ freedom!! here i come :)

i am getting ready to head out on the road, but it is my commitment to use Monday's for my Compassion Talks ... i think it is funny when thinking of the 'finding compassion' title.  what does it all mean.  i think it took me a long time to find enough compassion for myself to begin actually offering my talents, and still i struggle at times . . . certainly an on going process.

i am certain i want to foster in others ~ compassion ~ but first i want for them to have compassion for themselves.  i want each person to reach into his or herself and find what it is that is most needed.

for myself, what i mostly need is energy.  i have a funky thyroid & am very sensitive in general, but for this illustration lets just focus on how my body responds to what i eat.  mostly when i eat i feel tired, and feeling tired means i don't have the energy to do anything different.  on the other hand if i don't eat, i feel shakey and all around cranky.  i am sure there is a complete discussion here, but what i want to share with you ~ is my forth muse. 

when i spend time with this friend i begin to slow down and become mindful about my choices; specifically the little choices in what i am eating, how i am thinking, how i am more or less pursuing mindfulness.

if i can't begin to eat better i won't have the energy to get up and get going.  there are a lot of things out there to learn, and a lot of learning has to be done hands on.

if i can't begin to eat better i won't have the energy to:
  • think creatively regarding the type of food that is served at our table
  • thinking creatively regarding the type of activites my daughter and i do
  • read all the really wonderful compositions out there
  • learn new art skills (my current is doodling)
  • write letters, real letters, to my far away friends
  • show my love to my husband in intimate details
  • get in shape so i can live long years
  • explore new adventures
  • etc, etc, etc
so, in honor of my friend i will be looking at how i am eating this week. timing my small meals & caring enough about myself that when i see my husband chomping down on chips & cookies at the end of the night i will either go to bed (smile), or be a big girl and go get some water or tea.  herbal tea really is nummy & i have started leaving a 2 cup pyrex measuring cup in the microwave so all i have to do is fill & press a button to heat.  whalah.. plus i bought a cute owl cup a few months back, so that is another happy moment too..

i love owls.

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