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Thursday, January 20, 2011

♥Compassion for Kids♥ Memory Game Project

And she Likes it!!
Two things inspired this project, one the Legacy Blog I read last week (check it out), and two the Compassion Blog from this week ~ specifically the memory game metaphor i used (smile).

my daughter is a hands-on learner, she loves watching Donald Schultz (Wild Recon/Venom in Vegas - check out his Blog - i attached a link to his name), and i am fairly sure one of her love language is ‘treats and surprises’ (a.k.a gifts). wha-lah this is the project to show my compassion ~ by creating something that was special to her i was showing her i listen and celebrate her interests :)

logistics:  I got on the computer and found some photo’s of Donald (her first TV crush ~ hee!  funny he is a herpetologist).  I was lucky to locate pictures that related to her favorite episodes.  I adjusted the size to wallets & pressed print!  I placed them on paper with a reptile print & even laminated them!!  Note: KSS laminate’s for $0.80 a foot ~ super cheap ~ all these cards laid out ended up being just over a foot (hee!).

For Fun ~ i also chose to include two bonus cards that say, “Be Brave, Try Something New” and “Change Your World” .. as far as she thinks, these are cards that give her another opportunity to turn a card over (built in do-over)..  but as far as i think, i am helping her get over the mis-matches and moving on to the matches.  plus ~ i like to sneak positive messages in when I can..

Change Your World
Be Brave .. Try Something New


hope i explained my compassion project OK, i'm sure i missed something.  it was of course fun for me too ~ the possibilities are endless really when thinking of the card options.. you could try family pictures, animal pictures, cartoon characters. . . :)  whatever :)

oh & Bonus ~ any sort of comments they make ~ she said "i like the green circles, they look like little turtles".. how nice, how creative > i just found a print that i thought would appear the same on all the card backs < & now she is making me look good ~ ha!!

carry on & don’t forget to share your thoughts!!


Jackie said...

You are so darn awesome! What a great game! What a great Mom and a great kid! We can all learn something from your love, compassion and creativity:-)

jenni said...

thanks Jackie!! you are such an encouragement :)