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Monday, January 24, 2011

cc2011:4 Compassion Felt *Goal Tending*

to my surprise ~ i am really looking forward to my Vlog this week ~ when I thought of sharing 4 lessons i have learned from others i didn't realize how interconnected the lessons would be to this blog project.

. . . .

this is the week I begin the 'hour there ~ hour back' twice- a-week school commitment.  having just completed my J-Term studies, Violent & Dysfunctional Families ~ i consider Human Intimacy & Marriage Therapy a reward!!  that said ..  hoping this season of my life, when my brain is being pulled like silly puddy, won't cause the project to suffer :)  thank goodness we are still flying by the seat of our pants here.

my friend ~ my wonderful friend ~ she is excellent with her boundaries.  what a huge lesson, so instead i'd like to streamline the discussion to boundaries when pursuing a goal.  i love that my friend has goals - heck!  i have goals, but what my friend has taught me to do is put a box around my goals. 

what!  a box?  that's no fun you say ~ how restrictive ~

at first glance, but this is a goal we are talking about, something we don't yet have and have every intention of gaining . . .

what tells us we are meeting our goals?  time.  ahh ~ time ~ the truth teller ~ ring a bell?  but time goes on and on and on, doesn't it.  ever thought about writing a letter to your child every month?  and before you know it, a year has past & you have to simply celebrate the year??

when thinking of a box ~ i am thinking assessment guidelines.  there are several directions to go; specifically north, south, east, west - or - any combination.  at times we will need a nice wide box & other times we will need a box that resembles the size of something a bracelet may fit ~ perhaps one long & slender (no distractions).   

using my box, if i was discerning my potential as a writer i might write for a month with the intention i will develop my skill on character development.  i will create a new person each day - and - in that day i will dream up his or her likes, dislikes, hair color and flair.

at the end of the month ~ how close have i come to developing my goal of being a writer?  if i was able to stick with the characters i would say - go forth - develop more goals towards writing short stories or novels.. if i got stumped on the 6th day ~ perhaps poetry is more my game.. and really, it could be that i am actually a paper crafter - ha!!

without the box i could go on thinking i was destined to be a writer, never fulfilling my dreams ~ stuck.  mismatched and feeling worse and worse about myself and what i thought was my life's work.  on the other hand, if i use my starts and finishes i would be well on my way to my best fit.  make sense? 

one step after another & after every step we are more clear of our abilites.

in honor of my friend ~ the one that teaches me to move forward until the next assessment ~ i will be evaluating this blog project each month.. no telling really what the end result with be ~ but whatever it is ~ it will be intentional & growing along side the community that comes along..

to the point ~ i hope . . . trying to keep my Monday commitment in the mist of an anxious heart ~ please ~ let me find a close parking space so i don't have to be scared walking in the dark ;)


Jackie said...

Well, first let me say I hope that the parking space you got was by the door:-) Re-assessing goals is something that I do frequently sometimes to my detriment. At times, I over think it until I either think my way out of the goal or I move forward mindlessly. I will say that I have found each step toward something a learning experience (positive and negative). I guess I would comment that the journey is the most important part rather than the goal. I also find I have too many at once...and boy does that get hairy. Maybe I should box the hair and carry on?

As a limit setter and an frequent assessor, I loved this blog. Thank you for sharing Jenni. I look forward to many more! And I'm sure that many of them will include some crazy comment from me.

jenni said...

first ~ i see no crazy comment in front of me :), very well said - everything!!

love the image of boxing the hair up ~ it certainly would make the carrying process much easier ~ hee!

and speaking of journey ~ thank you for saddling alongside, your voice is true encouragement ♥