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Friday, May 7, 2010


today there was a wind advisory.  if i was an advisory ~ what would i be.  perhaps falling objects?  i have so many ideas that swim around in my head, and ever so often they fall out of my mouth and into a conversation.

Guided Retreats is also a site of mine - not quite ready to be utilized ~ or is it.  i've been listening to Louise Hay and she is a very inspiring woman.  note to self: do some research on how Louise got her start.  how did she know this was what she was to do?  it all seems a little surreal to me sometimes.  i believe she says she was in her forties or fifties before she first began teaching and now in her seventies she is "the" Louise Hay.  I encourage anyone to check her out.

i am honored to have worked with all the many birds that have passed through residential care ~ but certainly ~ in my heart of hearts i want to be free to work my own schedule - to travel to new locations and be available for the next experience without submitting a request.  i'm not free when my absence is upsetting the balance of the community ...

so.. i've got to get started fulfilling my dreams of helping others to find compassion for their selves and others. why ~ if my energy soars ~ do i wait to provide mini-workshops?  oh.. hum.. a place - yes, this is the obvious.  i could probably use a community room but then there is the payment. 

that's scary ~ actually making the suggestion that individuals would seek this service i feel so driven to provide.  that there is agreement that this is well worth the money being charged.  i think to myself - how do i get started, how can i start to develop my business.  i feel like $10 is reasonable.  its easy to make change for, and praying that at least 10 people show, it should cover supplies/space.  Supplies are going to be the tuff part ~ i am really interested in creating some hands-on, take-home projects for my participants.

i worry - of course, with not having adequate supplies for the project of the evening.  that being the case i will likely over print and over prepare.  perhaps then i could package any extras for participants later?  packaged retreats?

its very exciting.  my husband had the idea that i would make up mini-programs as advertisements.  nice idea.  i love making forms and so i could likely reduce the size and allow some retreat sheets to serve as the flyer?  also - it would be a fun way to archive the workshops if i did package retreats, it would help with the description??  i don't know.  brainstorming..

i'm so excited.  i listened to Louise today & i heard her say that any deep down passion can be translated as a calling (providing it is not self-harming i'm sure).  i remember thinking in my youth i couldn't trust God with my future.  i mean - certain areas - sure, but giddy happiness?

when i am putting together this plan, and praying for the opportunities to meet all the people i will meet - i am giddy happy.  it is faith in action - believing that i am in the mist of God paving a way for this to happen.  that it will be me that will have this life ~ and what a good life it will be.

thank you God for your steadfastness ~ that you never left me alone, even when all i could see were the trees.

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