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Monday, May 3, 2010

do i have to title these things?

do i have to title these things?  i'm going to try and skip it & time will tell as it always does.

i was reminded of the quote "better to remember where you left off than where you began."

this could be looked at from different angles, but tonight i would like to focus on how far i have come than when i first began.

Lots of people go back to old habits, old destructive ways not because they are destructive, but because of what was initially attractive and inviting.  If we could remember the destruction we would likely steer clear.

This can apply to what we were once afraid of and hadn't the capacity to complete.  It used to be I hated lunch rooms filled with high school students because I was sure that everyone was watching me as I took my tray up.. I then realized (after doing some experiments of looking at everyone else as I took the long walk) the world did not revolve around me & I was able to take my lunch to the dishwashers in peace.

How often can I be tempted to go back to a harmful thoughts and beliefs about myself, forgetting time and development ~ maturity.

Today I will apply what I learn to more than one area of my life so I can make the most of experiences..

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