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Thursday, May 13, 2010

ramblings from an extroverted mind.

hello.  its me again.  i am actually offering a distraction disguised as me taking another step.. j/j (just joking)..

somewhat true - i have been doing some reading & in those readings i am finding more about creativity.

i think each of these mini-workshops (2 hr) will be a true project.  its exciting to create (hee!) something for others to experience their own personal creation of.. or becoming more fully aware of creating something unique out of their - tummy's (heart)..

sometimes i wonder the depths some groups will reach with one another. i read something that provided the following affirmation (thought): i fully enjoy the wisdom of each generation that passes through.

typically we see generations as baby boomers, gen-x'er's, millenniums, etc. but i am talking of the communities i am in contact with each month.  each month i am working with a brand new community - and every commuity has its own unique personality.

i am thinking - i will be meeting new communities.  new communities that decide how long to stay together ~ i could have a group of ladies that work together weekly or bi-weekly for 6-9 months at a time.

if i could run 2 hour groups M-R & i could get a minimum of 10 participants I think I can support myself enough to be home for Mya at 230 & off to work at 530 back by 9pm to get her down.  Wow@! you could not imagine how awesome that would be.

i am seriously under a big blanket of responsibility.. school - work - mother - wife?? can you hear me on this!!

we need time to get together with each other & restore our sanity!! 

looking forward to it!!

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