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Friday, May 14, 2010

Reality .. Part II

what does this have to do with my marriage & family degree ???  great question. i don't know.

when i am thinking about forming groups i should be thinking homogeneous.  and - randomly sending out invites will land me with lots of different people, but probably not the connection i am really hoping for.

so idea two.  how about asking different churches to host me to run a 3-part group where i help participants to connect with themselves - to others - to the church and God.  now that sounds up my alley.

but what am i thinking.  i am in school and i am training to become a therapist.  like - me & person, couple, or family.  if i don't focus i won't finish - i won't find where i'll be doing my practicum & internship ~ then ~ where will i be working??

this is part of it.  this is the reason for my blog isn't it Lord - please God ~ help me be more than i am.  help me to be accepting of myself & resilient in the face of discouragement :)  i love You more than life.

(this is a down day - i was a little manic last night with the thinking & i am certainly lacking some zzz's, but this is authenticity ~ right?)

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