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Saturday, May 15, 2010

finding freedom

there are many million things i like about the Word - one certainly - is its ability to uniquely relate to each individual who studies it.

i love that one verse - one small verse can prompt so many different reflections ~ facets of understanding.

i like the idea - in fact - feel true freedom in working with those like-minded in faith; all who are seeking to know God more .. how lucky for we that seek that our quest is always and forever.  there is always more.

i am mindful of those who suffer from loss - if not for our suffering we would surely lack the gems granted in grief... if not for our struggle, we would fail to know our true capacity, our true depth.

amazing & nice about those so blessed to work in the ministry is the originality, the non-copyrighted text we can draw and create from everyday.  there is no true authority ~ only God himself.  its nice to not split hairs from one expert to another.  it is nice to offer the Word and allow the Spirit to work .. i love that my Mentor before each of his sermons conveys:
"Please pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal to you what you need most to receive no matter what is said here."  or..
"Please pray that the Holy Spirit brings you the message that you need most to hear no matter what I might construct." or..
"Please pray that the Holy Spirit brings you the message that is the most useful to you no matter what is said." or..

it can go on & on ~ but the point is.. He is there backing up the program because no matter the level of my desire to share and love another person His desire is more ~ always.

its exciting to know that God ~ His Spirit ~ is available and helping to author any workshop or retreat i put together.  i am not alone, i am flanked by His companionship.

i think when dreaming up an ambition - it can be lonely, scary and simply overwhelming.  for those who are with me ~ my heart is humbled and encouraged.  thank you.

Lord - I am grounded in Your love - i am weak without You.   for every heart that has and will be prompted by Your whisper ~ my admiration ~

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