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Monday, December 25, 2006

getting home from Denver.. Part III

yeah.. i know - it's been like 2 mos.

i just reread over that last blog & sorry for all the typos, as i'm sure more will follow. i get a little too exact sometimes with my writing & so - if i actually want to get anything out - especially something of length.. i just have to relax & type. besides. after all that typing my fingers & wrists hurt (smile).

so. kids. third part. and like i said - i could have written the other better, but from what some of you have said - encouraging me to get back on the horse - you've followed me so far - so let's jump down the hole.

exhausted i am crushed by the absence of my luggage. squished like playdoh. i think most of it was being tired. being alone. being a virgin of solo flight travel. looking back, i'm glad it was me walking around. i tend to ask questions that others can get a little fed up with, so i'm glad it was just me - following the little Hispanic man that seemed to know what was going on.

because of all the mix-ups there were literal lines of luggage sitting out. haven't we heard enough about lines? but i had been thru them all & i did not see my green ribbon (always put a marker on your luggage - it helps when looking in a sea of common color) tied to my black bag, or my new blue suitcase that i bought at Steamboat's local Wal-Mart (3 pieces for $24.99).

so i made it to the counter & the fella looks at me like i'm weird because i need to be asking "the other counter" because that is the line that i've switched too, but i'd have to wait until 5a or so before you speak to them, because the lady just left. i walk that way & honestly - the Chicago airline has a beautiful airport area, but the baggage claim - yuck! - cracked concrete floors. it didn't feel safe, so i lay in the middle of the & don't ask me the correct name for this. but the luggage comes out in a swiggle & the swiggle travels along an island? anyway. i slept on the island. and the security guard said i shouldn't, but then turned and walked the other direction & allowed for my rest. i needed some rest.

at the moment i walked out of my dream was the moment i realized i wasn't in a bed, but laying under a security light right next to the baggage info desk. 3 girls stood in line and i picked myself up - light headed - and exhausted - i went to the line and stood there. the girls were complaining about curling irons or the continental breakfast being cold & i drifted to thinking about a bed and a locked door.

turns out - if my bag is headed to KY - it's on its way to Ky. no rechecking necessary.

i walked to Terminal 2 - for US Airways - some kid, and perhaps i should say - someone undereducated in the ways of proper "keep these people in line" protocol - still looking to do the greater good rather than follow all the rules.

all over the place there were secret portals - people reaching out to me - placing me where i needed to be.

so, by the time i moved through the line - taking much less time that the line i was suppose to be in - the lady looked at me - yes, over her glasses & asked how i got in this line. i looked over to the young fella & he smiled, she shook her head, and moved me thru. thanks! i get to "window" (back checker, ticket maker) - she has no idea what i am talking about. the information the lady has given me from the evening before, the one that called me back after saying the Indi flight wouldn't do. i had specifically asked for flight and seat number. but nothing.

so i walk away and i called American Airlines, on hold i am moving to Terminal 3 & i'm standing in line when i get someone on the phone & its not US Airways, its United. so i hop on the mini subway - again - and head to Terminal 1.

i am standing in line & by now i am wearing a badge that gives me excuse to sit in the middle of line. i'm coming from Denver, i'm trying to get home, i'm ready to get my ticket and take this flight to North Carolina. oh - i didn't mention that. i would be catching a 4pm flight from ChicagoNorth Carolina, then from North Carolina to Louisville, arriving somewhere around midnight. but understanding what i do now - good - because my luggage was going there anyway. can you imagine me getting off in Indianapolis, and then traveling to Louisville to get my luggage? to

so i finally get to speak to the man. he begins typing away, shaking his head & i am silent. he tells me that my flight was not confirmed. that i have no flight.

no flight.

all this switching. at least before i was going to end up 4 hours from home, but now i am 13 hours from home and not even in the system. not so horrible if it was a normal weekend of travel, but this weekend of travel is the saturday before monday Christmas & Chicago already had weather delays the day before, people were already on standby, and i walk away & again head to Terminal 3 (count with me.. its the 4th ride for me and all my stuff). as i am walking up the steps to catch the mini'sub i get a girl on the phone & i tell her the situation. she proceeds to argue with me, i tell her - its their airline, i'm not confirmed, i'm not in the system, help me... so she is logistically processing the information, and all of a sudden states, "oh - i found something much better - you are headed to louisville - right?" "yes"

"how about the 1030a flight to Louisville?"

"really - both (only two were leaving O'Hare that day) were booked last night."

and so i listen to her typing. i ask for my seat number & all i have to do is take the code, type it in & i should have my electronic boarding pass (no baggage check-in required)...

i'm happy. don't get my wrong. but this is a little too good to be true; supported by the fact - after walking down the steps into American Airlines terminal, and punching in the code for the electronic boarding pass & the machine spitting out an error message.

as you could imagine. i'm quiet at this point. everything is loud, and i don't hear anything. i am standing in line & i am with my Creator & i am orphaned in His Hands - helpless.

she waved her hand & i moved into her slot, i give her my paper spit out & i waited in silence. lots of typing. lots. i decide not to question. i am in capable hands. if there isn't a spot for me here - she is searching for a spot somewhere else. i will allow her to work. one boarding pass after another - printed, ripped - printed, ripped. and finally she looks up - and manicured nails, on tanned hands - a boarding pass for the 1030am flight to Louisville.

something about my flights being all messed up & she just wanted to clean it up a bit.

i'm in the line for security, people are complaining about the traffic, and i can't believe how blessed i am. that it was really about being faithful to the process. one step in front of the other & the 1030a flight to Louisville had always been there waiting for me.

the fella next to me had missed his flight. overslept. he was trying for a stand by flight & i wished him luck & silenced my joy out of respect. it was the saturday before monday Christmas & getting home was critical. when you aren't getting home, words can't console.

my faithful friend was in the airport for me - waiting - ever supportive during the last 24 hours. available.

but - i had learned a few tricks along the way & when he thought we should be waiting for my luggage to come out - i walked strait to the baggage claim desk - an 830a flight from Chicago had left before mine & there those wonderful bags sat. oh. you can not imagine how it felt to be walking in the Louisville Airport, picking up my two bags. calling home & telling my brother i was on my way - that he could wait, i would put MY Angel down for her nap.


all my angst. i sat - completely humbled - and thankful to be in my home of small spaces. home with my family for Christmas. home to place cookies on the table & to watch mya sprinkle reindeer food out...

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