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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

gosh.. the ups and the downs..

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

gosh.. the ups and the downs..

ok.. good people of nottingham (smile).. i must say - i was 'manic me' in that last blog..

and before you go thinking in am clinically off - i will tell you i am well within limits, it's just i get really happy sometimes..

so i make lots of calls, and i like to make lots of plans - thankfully - i am better than before & i have healthy ways of expending my energy.

i wanted to get back on because i've come down a bit and i want to be available for what God has for me. i want to be open to the fullness of time, and be a big girl of faith & realize time may take awhile.

i want to model patience & perseverance..

i want to be content in the minute that has been given. i have to make the best, be the best in the current time given & not always be wishing, hoping, praying for more.

i have lots to learn.

my true desire is that i can become independent, create a life with mya that resembles strength and wisdom.

i've been the most resilient of hearts, but as i become step by step and not running from one spot to the next - do i begin to realize the brokenness of my heart & how fiercely protective of the foundation i am creating for her..

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