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Saturday, December 30, 2006

reflection of wrongs

i can't step away from wondering if i should be open to reconciliation.

in the last year - after seeing a therapist weekly for longer than just a few months. i've started to see some real .. like i knew i wasn't perfect .. but then i didn't really realize what an elaborate system i have going on upstairs.

i think he was saying the other day that up was down and left was right in my home. that i have learned how to process and translate the input, so i'm not completely odd out in the real world, but the poor partners that sat closest to me.

i used to sit on the couch and wait for him to come home. my home a wreck. i mean. cloths unwashed, dishes dirty, floor covered with toddler type things & i just sat there.. not wanting to move.

i thought this week - no wonder he never came home. i didn't make our home a home.

it gets all over me and into the unders of my skin when people attempt to communicate with me thru questions. question after question & the kick.. they are asking questions so when i answer they are going to have ammunition to ask more. surely - i have to tell myself - they are not digging into me to be judgemental and prophetic, but shoveling in to be somewhere besides just with their own thoughts.

ok. i get it, but what i told my mom - is, "just start a conversation with me by talking about something, yourself, or someone. i'll join in - just quit asking me questions."

so. i asked him questions all the time. when he didn't speak i wanted him to speak to me, and how did i go about that - doing exactly what my mom did to me - asking question after question.

so i apologized yesturday to him. for not being a better person, a better wife when we were together.

he stalled a little today when picking our dtr up. he played with the dog we acquired together a little longer & ate a hot dog before leaving. he said the girl he began living with before the divorce was final is "a little different"..

why does that make me happy.

i don't know. starting over - being in the know about what i am seeking. makes it really difficult. it makes me want to run back and make babies with my dtr's daddy. isn't the orginal biological unit gold?

1 comment:

jenni said...

well.. they say we struggle during the holidays more.. very true.

coming to today ~ i feel so blessed that i was able to let this relationship go...

it is true when they say there are seasons.

thankfully ~ my current sweets ~ is the best sweets of all ~ my lifetime season (smile)